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  • Experience and enjoy nature – Herbal Hiking in HerzBergLand

    Experience and enjoy nature – Herbal Hiking in HerzBergLand

    Discover the secrets of an idyllic side valley of the river Mur and learn how to use the different herbs for medical and culinary purposes.

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LN 4 Damhirsch

Short but challenging cycle track. The view from the fallow deer gate compensates for the efforts

No frequented roads on the track except for the start and the end of the tour on cycle tracks.

Distance: 7.6 kilometres
Length of the trip: about 1 hour
Difference in altitude: 255 m

Asphalt (16%), gravel (73%), ground (12%)

Type of streets:
Main roads (9%), side roads (26%), cycle tracks (47%)

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Latest Events

1. SommerNachtsFest

Date: FR, 19. august 2016, 19.00 h, Michi's Seeschenke, Trabochersee

1. SommerNachtsFest

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Date: SA, 20. august 2016

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden

Date: SA, 20. august 2016, 15.00 h, Kinderfreundeplatz, 8792 St. Peter-Freienstein

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden


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