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  • Skiing at the Präbichl mountain

    Skiing at the Präbichl mountain

    The Präbichl is a family-friendly, modern skiing area in HerzBergLand which is located between 1,000-1,900 m above sea level. A beautiful place in styria for skiing.

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Trofaiach is located 658 m above sea level in the valley of Vordernberg south of the Eisenerzer Alps. The residential and cultural town on the Styrian Iron Route has a surface area of 5 km². The city of Trofaiach offers visitors and vacationers a diverse cultural program, a lively Old Town, shopping possibilities and a colorful spectrum of sports, leisure and relaxation possibilities. Most of all however, the town impresses through the overwhelming alpine scenery.

Historically, the towns’ roots date back to the first century before Christ. In those days copper-miners started to settle in this area. In the first century after Christ, communities along the Iron Road gained importance because of the ore mining activities at the Erzberg. Discoveries shown in the local museum demonstrate the hustle and bustle of the market at that time. After a while, Leoben replaced Trofaiach as the most important market place for iron and people started to move to Leoben. The development of today’s city centre started in the 11th century. Thanks to two already existing churches, the Trinity and the Ruperti church, Trofaiach became the religious center of the region.


Culture in Trofaiach

  • Schloss StibichhofenCastle Stibichhofen
    The town museum of local history is located in Castle Stibichhofen and shows some interesting exhibits such as historical costumes of the region around the Styrian Ore, the original interior of the local pharmacy of 1904 or archeological discoveries from the Urnfield culture.
  • Trinity- and Ruperti Church
    The original roman church dedicated to Saint Rupert was rebuilt in gothic style in 1462. Frescos that were discovered during the renovation period date from the early 15th century. At the beginning of the 16th century the Trinity church was built as a supplement for the Ruperti Church.
  • Castle Mell
    Castle Mell is located on a plateau above the city center. From there you have an amazing view over HerzBergLand.
  • Town museum TrofaiachStadtmuseum Trofaiach
    The town museum focuses on historical costumes, medical devices, compounds and certificates as well as prehistoric findings from 1500 until 900 before Christ.
  • Museum depot
    The museum depot is an extension to the collection of the town museum.


Sports & Freizeit in Trofaiach

Trofaiach is a very sporty town and offer lots of sports activities. The sports facilities Rötz contain the football stadium with integrated training facilities, a running track, an asphalt track and a curling area. The sports facilities in the Rebenburggasse offer 2 beach volleyball courts, a street ball court, tennis courts, a long jump pit and a running track.

  • Run and Nordic Walking CoursesNordic Walking
    3 popular running tracks start at the sports facilities Rebenburggasse,-The city run (5.5 kilometres), the panoramic run (14 kilometres) and the Reiting view run (23.7 kilometres).

  • Adventure pools Trofaiach
    After doing some sports people can relax in the three pools Adventure pool Trofaiach(swimmers, non-swimmers and babies) of the open-air bath. Those who are in search of adventures can take the 50 m slide or play at the large playground. The open-air bath was rewarded for the excellent water quality by the Styrian government.Those who are in search of adventures can take the 50 m slide or play at the large playground. The open-air bath was rewarded for the excellent water quality by the Styrian government..

  • H&O indoor swimming pool & wellness centerHallenbad Trofaiach
    In winter, or when the weather is bad in summer, people can swim in the indoor pool or enjoy special infusions in the sauna or steam bath. A relaxing massage can also help to escape from the daily routine.

  • Krumpen cross-county ski run
    The cross-country net of the Krumpen cross-country ski run is located at the edge of the Eisenerzer Alps and provides special services in a Cross skiing Krumpenbreathtaking environment. The mid-altitude trail leads through enchanting forests along the Krumpen creek to the Krumpen ditch. The trail has a length of 2.5 kilometres and is equipped with snow canons and flood lights. Furthermore there are practicing facilities for biathletes and a children’s slope for little visitors.

Latest Events

1. SommerNachtsFest

Date: FR, 19. august 2016, 19.00 h, Michi's Seeschenke, Trabochersee

1. SommerNachtsFest

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Date: SA, 20. august 2016

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden

Date: SA, 20. august 2016, 15.00 h, Kinderfreundeplatz, 8792 St. Peter-Freienstein

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden


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