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Erzberg Leoben



  • Ice Skating at Trabocher Lake

    Ice Skating at Trabocher Lake

    Whereelse can you find a frozen lake perfect for ice skating, playing ice hockey and alpine curling? ... in HerzBergLand

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St. Peter-Freienstein

The market town St. Peter Freienstein is located in the north of Leoben, surrounded by forests and mountains and has a surface area of 27 km² at 600 m above sea level. The municipality consists of the catastral communities of Hessenberg, Traidersberg, Tollinggraben and St. Peter Freienstein.

Some tool discoveries in the surroundings of St. Peter Freienstein prove that the first settlers came here during the Bronze Age (3000 until 700 before Christ). The first mention of the town in verified records was in 1140. In the Middle Ages, the community was well known as an administrative center. Situated at the Styrian Eisenstrasse, the town’s history is dominated by brown coal mining – the blast furnaces of the area’s iron industry had a huge demand for brown coal, which was mined until 1921 in the ”Trollinggraben“ near St. Peter Freienstein. In the furnace museum of Vordernberg, about 12 km away, visitors can get an impression of the iron extraction in these days.

The child-friendly municipality offers a wide variety of leisure activities such as hiking, mountainbiking, cycling or horseback riding. In summer, children can spend their holidays in the local children’s home, and in winter ice-skating is rather popular. The pilgrimage church Maria Freienstein and Castle Friedhofen including the saline museum are points of interest for people who are fond of culture. Culinaric delights can be found on the weekly farmers market in Castle Friedhofen.


Culture in St. Peter-Freienstein

Schloss FriedhofenCastle Friedhofen with a montan-historic exhibition

The castle was re-decorated in 2002 and houses a remarkable collection of saline mining history that contains about 100 historic tools. Those tools are the showpieces of the museum and were collected and preserved by the saline director HR. Dr. Winfried Aubell. Interesting historic tools from the former coal mine in Tollinggraben – collected by family Bauer – a selection of mine surveyor tools from the 16th to the 20th century – loans from the montanistic university of Leoben – and safety lamps from all over the world complete the collection.


Wallfahrtskirche Maria-FreiensteinPilgrimage church Maria Freienstein

The pilgrimage church Maria Freienstein is located on a rock high above St. Peter Freienstein and houses frescos of the Styrian painter Matthias von Görz.



Sports in St. Peter-Freienstein

  • Cycling and Mountainbike trails
    There are lots of cycling and mountainbike trails for bike enthusiasts in St. Peter Freienstein and the near Tollinggraben.

Delicious Food in St. Peter-Freienstein


Latest Events

1. SommerNachtsFest

Date: FR, 19. august 2016, 19.00 h, Michi's Seeschenke, Trabochersee

1. SommerNachtsFest

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Date: SA, 20. august 2016

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden

Date: SA, 20. august 2016, 15.00 h, Kinderfreundeplatz, 8792 St. Peter-Freienstein

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden


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