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  • Ice Skating at Trabocher Lake

    Ice Skating at Trabocher Lake

    Whereelse can you find a frozen lake perfect for ice skating, playing ice hockey and alpine curling? ... in HerzBergLand

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Art & Culture

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The HerzBergLand and its member communities are part of the Styrian Eisenstraße located in the heart of Styria. The daily life of the inhabitants of those communities has been shaped by mining ore and processing iron for centuries. Therefore the HerzBergLand is rich in montanistic history and visitors will still find traditional customs and art crafts that testify to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Some arts and crafts can be admired in museums or churches whereas others can still be found in special places around HerzBergLand.

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Latest Events

1. SommerNachtsFest

Date: FR, 19. august 2016, 19.00 h, Michi's Seeschenke, Trabochersee

1. SommerNachtsFest

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Date: SA, 20. august 2016

Panoramawegwanderung aufs Hochzinödl

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden

Date: SA, 20. august 2016, 15.00 h, Kinderfreundeplatz, 8792 St. Peter-Freienstein

Sommerfest mit Maibaumumschneiden


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